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Betty Boop's Birthday Party

It's Betty's birthday, but the girl does not feel like celebrating. She is all busy washing the dishes, doing the laundry, and scrubbing the floors. She sadly sings the blues number "I Got Nobody to Hear My Song". However, Betty's friends remember about her birthday; they give her a cake with fifteen candles and throw her a party. Yet the merry celebration is followed by a fight, and Betty flees her home to stay in piece and quiet.

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"Betty Boop's May Party" thumbnail May 12 Betty Boop is crowned the May Queen at a May Day Celebration. A rubber tree gets punctured by an elephant, and its sap flows outside making everything around rubberized.
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"Snow White" thumbnail March 31 A magic mirror proclaims that Betty Boop is "the fairest in the land", and the jealous Queen orders Bimbo and Koko to execute the girl. Betty runs away and gets to the enchanted cave of the seven dwarves.
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