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Stop That Noise

Betty can't fall asleep because of the sounds of the city. She sings "In this great big city with it's noise, noise, noise" and goes to the country, hoping to find peace and quiet there. However, it turns out that the noises of the rural enviroment are even louder. Besides, the girl is pursued by hungry mosquitos, and there seems to be no place to escape them. At last, Betty returns to her city apartment, and outside sounds do not disturb her anymore.

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"Swat The Fly" thumbnail April 19 Betty is baking a cake when an annoying fly starts pestering her and Pudgy. The girl tries to get it with a spoon, but the fly keeps escaping. In the end, the kitchen is a shambles, and the fly is still a nuisance.
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"Taking The Blame" thumbnail February 15 Betty brings home a cat as a playmate for her puppy. When she is not watching, the cat misbehaves, but Betty then unfairly blames Pudgy. Finally, the girl realizes her mistake and turns the cat out.
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